About the Tai Chi Chuan Center

Mission Statement

The Tai Chi Chuan Center is a not for profit organization aiming to promote health in body, mind and spirit through the practice of tai chi.

Our mission is to promote the benefits of tai chi and related disciplines through individual training, instructor training, community service and public awareness.

Through correct training of individuals and instructors, we promote the highest standards and advance the greatest benefits of tai chi.

Through community service we provide instructors to train individuals and groups who wish to learn tai chi, but who are financially or otherwise unable to attend

By raising public awareness, we encourage people to improve their quality of life and contribute to a more harmonious community.

The Tai Chi Chuan Center was founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2000 by Master C.K. Chu and his students to help bring the benefits of Tai Chi to a wider audience. Early grant support has been received from the AOL Time Warner Foundation.

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