The Tai Chi Chuan Center has been promoting the benefits of tai chi through public awareness, instructor and individual training, and community service since 2000.


By raising public awareness, we encourage people to improve their quality of life and contribute to a more harmonious community.


Through correct training of individuals and instructors, we promote the highest standards and advance the greatest benefits of tai chi.


Through community service we provide instructors to train individuals and groups who wish to learn tai chi, but who are financially or otherwise unable to attend.

Join Us in Bryant Park

We believe in the power of Tai Chi to change lives and communities for the better. We see it every day.

If you are grateful for all that the Tai Chi Chuan Center has done for your life please consider supporting our outreach. We welcome contributions of any amount and deeply appreciate your ongoing support.

The Tai Chi Chuan Center was founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2000 by Master C.K. Chu and his students to help bring the benefits of Tai Chi to a wider audience.
In 2004 we introduced the first free public classes in Bryant Park, working with park staff to roll out an annual celebration of World Tai Chi Day on the last Saturday of every April, and a very popular program of free morning classes from May through September that have reached tens of thousands of people.
Our Bryant Park example has inspired others to offer everything from bocce instruction and yoga to fly-fishing and knitting.
Our non-profit Tai Chi Chuan Center also advances the legacy of Grandmaster C.K. Chu through elder health classes at senior centers around the city.
If you are grateful for all that Tai Chi has done for your life and can support our outreach, please donate whatever you can.