Tai Chi in Bryant Park

In 2004 we introduced the first free public classes in Bryant Park.

Every year since then we’ve continued working with park staff to roll out an annual celebration of World Tai Chi Day on the last Saturday of every April, and a very popular program of free morning classes from May through September that have reached tens of thousands of people.

Our Bryant Park example has inspired others to offer everything from bocce instruction and yoga to fly-fishing and knitting.

This past year was our 17th season of community outreach. Our reach continues to grow and this year Bryant Park attendance records for Eternal Spring classes given Tuesday and Thursday mornings from May through August hit an all-time high. We continue in our mission to provide benefits of Tai Chi to those who don’t normally have access to Tai Chi practice and training.

Eternal Spring Chi Kung in Bryant Park May 3 – August 30, 2022
Join us every Tuesday at 7:30am-8:30am from May 3 – August 30, 2022 in Bryant Park for Free Eternal Spring Chi Kung classes

world tai chi day bryant park 2021

World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day 2021

World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day 2021 was held at Bryant Park Saturday 8:30 AM – 11AM on April 24th

World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day (worldtaichiday.org) celebrates the unique system of health and self-defense that originated in China nearly a thousand years ago and is observed annually on the last Saturday in April in more than 80 countries around the world, including in Bryant Park since 2004.

This year the celebration of World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day in Bryant Park consisted of Tai Chi Continuous Form from 9:30 AM EDT to 10:30 AM EDT, demonstrating several cycles of the 37 movements of the Yang-style Tai Chi Short Form over the course of 60 minutes. At 10:00 AM EDT, we offered free instruction in Eternal Spring Chi Kung exercises. Participants were masked and socially distant to help stop the spread of Covid19.

World Tai Chi Day celebrations had special meaning this year in solidarity with the movement to Stop AAPI Hate (stopaapihate.org).

The Tai Chi Chuan Center was founded as a non-profit organization in 2000 by Master C.K. Chu and his students to help bring the benefits of Tai Chi to a wider audience.  Your contributions support our mission and strengthen the community.

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